About ACME PCB Assembly

We are an electronic contract manufacturer offering Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) with a focus on Printed Circuit Board assemblies.  In support of this, we developed manufacturing solutions and capabilities for complex requirements of aerospace, medical, commercial and industrial products. As a PCB assembly house, we provide one-piece prototype builds to production runs of 20,000 units.  All work is performed in our Carson facility in Southern California located just south of LAX.

ACME PCB Assembly is a DBA of Yun Industrial Co., Ltd.  When established in 1993 by five family members, we were operating out of a 1,000 square-foot facility in Torrance, California.  Since then, we have grown, moved to a 16,000 square-foot facility in Carson, California, and now employee 40 people.

ACME PCB Assembly is concerned about the environment.  In addition our strict compliance with local, state and federal environmental regulations, we installed a 64.2 kW solar panel array which will reduce carbon emissions and other pollutants that would otherwise have been created in the generation of the energy that is now produced by the solar panels.  We have also received Environmental Management Systems – ISO 14001:2015 Certification No. UEN1110.


1995 – ACME PCB Assembly offers Ball Grid Array (BGA) assembly

We began BGA placement on a project from D-Link Systems. Over time, we learned techniques and built experience with various types of BGA assembly jobs.  Some of these included placing BGAs on both the top and bottom sides of the printed circuit board.  We also developed the capability to place BGAs on both sides of the circuit board utilizing tin/lead as well as lead-free solders. This is a challenging process, but at ACME PCB Assembly, we do it without a problem.

2000 – ACME PCB Assembly is ISO 9001:2000 certified

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a network of the national standards institutes of 147 countries, with one member per country, that develops and publishes International Standards. ISO is headquartered is in Geneva, Switzerland and the standards adopted by this non-governmental organization are universally recognized and accepted.  The ISO 9001:2000 certification demonstrates that ACME PCB Assembly builds to high-quality standards that can be measured.

2004 – ACME PCB Assembly offers Lead-Free (RoHS) PCB assembly

RoHS, also known as Lead-Free, stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances. The RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC restricts the use of six hazardous materials found in electrical and electronic products. As of July 1, 2006, all applicable products in the EU market has to pass RoHS compliance.

2005 – Procured another Fuji NXT pick-and-place machine for prototype and high-mixed, low-quantity builds

ACME PCB Assembly added state-of-the-art manufacturing capability to provide high-quality assembly as well as shorter delivery times. The Fuji NXT is designed to meet the demands of modern production environments and gave us the capability to place Surface Mount Technology (SMT) components with package sizes as small as 01005 which is one-quarter the size of the 0201 package.

2006 – IPC 610 Class III certified

The Institute for Printed Circuits (IPC) was founded in 1957.  However, as more electronic assembly companies became involved with the association, the name was changed to the Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits.  With its comprehensive criteria for Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBA), IPC-A-610 is the most widely used inspection standard in the electronics industry, and has earned an international reputation as the source for end-product acceptance criteria for consumer and high-reliability printed circuit assemblies. Now, many military applications require IPC 610 Class III as a quality standard, replacing the older MIL spec.

ACME PCB Assembly has its own in-house Certified IPC-A-610 Trainer to assure that all operators understand and follow the standard.

2007 – IPC J-STD-001 Class III certified

The Assembly and Joining Process Committee, with the EIA Soldering Technology Committee, developed the joint standard, J-STD-001: Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies. We utilize the IPC-A-610 book which, through full-color photographs and illustrations, provides the industry-accepted workmanship criteria for electronic assemblies to meet the requirements of J-STD-001.

ACME PCB Assembly has its own in-house Certified IPC J-STD-001 Trainer to assure that all operators understand and follow the standard.

2008 – Upgraded operation to ISO 9001:2008

We upgraded to ISO 9001:2008 and added a Fuji XPF pick-and-place machine to augment our high-mix, low-volume production. This machine can load components as small as 01005. We improved the security of the facility by installing 37 security cameras and a key-less entry system.

2009 – Added SeHo Selective Soldering Machine

The addition of the SeHo selective soldering machine allows us to achieve superior solder quality with consistency.  As heat is applied only in the area being soldered, it minimizes thermal shock to the PC board and components during PCB assembly.  We can handle boards with as many as 32 layers.

2010 – Added Nordson Automatic Optical Inspection system

The addition of the Nordson Automatic optical inspection system allowed us to effectively inspect small component such as 0201 or 01005.

2011 –  Added Schleuniger Cable Stripping machine

The Schleuniger cable stripping machine allows us to offer cable and wire harness fabrication services.

2012 – ACME PCB Assembly offers Conformal Coating service

Conformal coating is now performed in house. We work with both Silicone and Acrylic conformal coatings.

2014 – Acquired new 130 kV X-ray inspection machine for counterfeit-component inspection, another 650XL rework machine, and BGA microscope inspection tool

  • In addition to X-ray inspection of BGA installations, for higher quality assurance, we added a state-of-the-art microscope inspection tool to optically examine solder joints of the BGA.
  • We added another 650XL rework machine to handle large boards, up to 20 x 24 inches, and SMT sizes up to 60 x 120 mm.
  • With our 130 kV X-ray machine, we now perform counterfeit-component inspections.
  • We installed a 64.2 kW solar panel array which will benefit the environment by reducing carbon emissions and other pollutants that would otherwise have been created in the generation of the energy that is now produced by the solar panels.

2015 – Added Schleuniger cable stripping machine. Strips wires from 32 AWG to 00 (2/0).  Added PVA conformal coating machine.

2016 – Awarded Business Hall of Fame Best of 2014, 2015, 2016, for Printed Circuit Board Assembly.

2017 – Environmental Management Systems – ISO 14001:2015 Certified. Upgraded to ISO 9001:2015


  • Awarded Small Business Excellence Award.
  • Awarded Business Hall of Fame best of 2018.

Add new equipment.    

  • 3D automated optical inspection equipment.
  • Fuji Amix3 pick and place machine.   


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