Circuit Board Design Service

A circuit board designer must design and create the layout of the circuits, before a circuit board can be populated. The circuit board designer must follow certain standards, such as not violating the minimum electrical clearance. This way, the finished printed circuit board, (PCB), can function as intended in an efficient manner.

This design service is usually done by an electrical engineer. The designer uses layout software to integrate both the component placement and routing to determine ideal electrical connectivity. The engineer would create a schematic to check that it follows all functional and mechanical requirements. But this is not a job anyone can do. Some common problems amateur PCB designers have are creating incorrect landing patterns, substandard layouts, insufficient width for traces, and creating blind/buried vias that are impossible to manufacture. Fortunately for you, we are not amateurs.

Founded in 1990, ACME PCB Assembly has decades of experience in the field of circuit board services. By looking at what product your company produces, we can identify which circuit board designer is best for you. ACME partners with several designers that all specialize in different fields. This is important if your board needs wireless capabilities or a specific power input. We can also make sure that your design is cost efficient where it needs to be. Having too many layers in a PCB can be expensive. But leave these worries with us: we are professionals.

Whether you’re in the stages of designing a circuit, fabricating a board, assembling PCBs, or conformal coating, ACME can be there to support your team.