Does your PCB vendor maintain a clean environment?

Does Your Circuit Board Vendor Maintain a Clean Environment?

March 9, 2024 by Erin

Does Your Circuit Board Vendor Maintain a Clean Environment?

Circuit boards are delicate things, even the smallest particle of dust or contamination can disrupt the functionality of the circuit board, leading to a drop in its efficiency. Circuit board assemblers use a conformal coating to protect circuit boards from contaminants, but problems can arise when contaminants are already on the circuit board before the conformal coating can be applied.

It is critical that a circuit board assembler maintain a sterile work environment and that they clean circuit boards thoroughly before adding the conformal coating. If you’ve noticed that your circuit boards are not performing ideally, it may be that they weren’t entirely clean before the conformal coating went on. That would imply that your vendor has gotten lazy and is not maintaining a clean work area.

At Yun Industrial Acme PCB Assembly, we take the quality of our work seriously. That means we implement the best practices in our industry and ensure that your printed circuit boards are problem-free before we ship. We offer a variety of different conformal coating options for our clients and always maintain a clean working environment to protect your circuit boards.

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